Revolutionary AI Breakthroughs: Autism Diagnosis to Supercomputing

Discover AI's power in diagnosing autism with eye pics, the debut of a human brain-scale supercomputer, Google's life-story AI, and AI avatars in YouTube's latest campaign.

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Latest Developments

AI-screened eye pics diagnose childhood autism with 100% accuracy (Link)

World's First Human 'Brain-Scale' Supercomputer Will Go Online in 2024 (Link)

ChatGPT achieves the pinnacle of human intelligence, and laziness, and developers are baffled (Link)

Google Explores AI That Knows 'Your Life Story' From Photos, Search Data (Link)

Pro-China Campaign Deploys AI Avatars In YouTube Influence Operation (Link)

Tool of the Day

An AI lab building Julius, your AI data analyst. With Julius, anyone can analyze datasets, create visualizations, and even train ML models with only a prompt.

It specializes in data interpretation, analysis, and visualization. You can use it for:

• Google Sheets
• Excel
• CSVs + more

Website of the Day takes a permanent snapshot of a web page that will exist forever even if the original page is gone.

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